John Murphy - Moans and cries of the wounded

Running time
1 min 6 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


And that was it. As soon as we got to company headquarters and they gave us a bit of extra ammunition, and they attacked us from another side and this went on all night and then A Company was about 100 men, lost 50 casualties and you had to endure the night with about, you know, these 35 wounded fellows lined up on the back of the hill away from the firing and you could hear the moans and the cries of the wounded and no help, we were surrounded, there was no help for them, there's no morphine, no nothing and these blokes were laying in the cold with mortar fire going on and what not and knowing any minute a shell or a mortar might land in the middle of them but it's hard, you know, just to put up with that and that went on all night. I'm sure most of the guys who were there were glad they seen the daylight in the morning because at least you had fields of fire then and you could see what was coming at you but we held on and we survived.

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