John Murphy - Six weeks in the line

Running time
1 min 8 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We had just come down from the mountain, we were up there about six weeks and boy were we looking forward to a rest area because our under clothes were rotting, you know, just six weeks sleeping and in the ground, you know, gun pits, in holes in the ground, you know, for six weeks you can imagine what, there were no supplies, the food was coming up and ammunition but no clothing. What you were wearing you had and after six weeks we were told we were coming to a place for a rest area.

We said, 'Oh great'. They had 44-gallon drums filled up with water but a hole in it, just underneath, let the water pour down, and matted hair, you know, and just let the water wash the underwear off. We got two or three underpants, a shirt, singlet, clean underwear, we got toothpaste. The first time we got toothpaste was the Salvation Army post they were handing out toothpaste

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