Les Powell - Never felt terribly threatened

Running time
1 min 6 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well, I'll tell you, when I first started, even when I was made a corporal, one of the jobs I had a lot to do was repairing telephone lines. We had telephone lines running from our company to the outposts, you always had a couple of outposts for the company, back to the battalion headquarters across to the neighbouring companies and out to your own platoons because I was at company headquarters and because of constant mortar fire we'd get constant lines going out.

You spent a lot of time going along, on my own usually or one of the fellows on their own, with cables, with all the stuff repairing these lines and usually the Chinese way over there on 317 or whatever it was decided 'I can see somebody moving there' a long way away and they'd start putting a bit of mortar fire on him and he had to keep jumping in mortar holes and shell holes on the ground to just to keep safe but I never felt terribly threatened even under those circumstances.

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