Peter Scott - Anti tank platoon

Running time
1 min 10 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well as the anti-tank platoon I was just in a static position. The whole battalion was in a static position. What I did, it had been used as a rifle platoon during Operation Commando, the battle of Maryong-san and a very good result, too, but I decided, with the CO's permission, I would get up the anti-tank guns. They were 17 pounders, anti-tank guns. I thought 'Well, we may as well bring them up'.

What we used to do was we used to snipe at the Chinese dugouts and that stirred up a hornets' nest as well and all the reciprocal artillery from the Chinese went to the rest of the battalion, it didn't come to me so I stirred it up but I didn't feel any result from it so, I think, I didn't do that very often, but they were very, very accurate weapons.

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