Peter Scott - The Lozenge Operation Commando

Running time
1 min 53 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


When I joined it they were on a feature called the Lozenge feature which they had been on for some weeks because the trenches were all dug and there were numerous rows of concertina and barbed wire out in front and out in front of that were mines and these had all been laid by the time I got there and then there was the river and it was a pretty swift river too, the Imjin River.

We did do a battalion reconnaissance in force across the river on one occasion and it started to rain so it was raining so hard that (a) we were standing to in our slit trenches that were full of water and also the decision was to return to the south side of the river before it flooded and we were very lucky to get back in one piece, in fact, I think we lost three soldiers in the water that time, in the river. If it wasn't that time it was around about that time.

Then, from where we were on the Lozenge feature then virtually the plans for the United Nations to move forward to straighten the line and that was when Operation Commando was conceived and executed and then for the rest of the war we really stayed around that line.

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