Troops by chopper-Borneo

Running time
2 min 2 sec
Date made
Place made
Borneo: Sarawak
Australian War Memorial

This brief piece of footage shows Australian infantry boarding the helicopter that flies them to the point at which they must begin their patrol. The troops are then seen patrolling through thick jungle. Locals watch as the helicopter lands and collects its human cargo. (2:02 min - BW - Silent) [AWM F03665]

[In black and white footage a helicopter flies through a cloudy sky. A farmer works in a clearing as the helicopter descends over thick trees. A soldier signals to the landing helicopter, holding his arms high and waving them inwards, then holding them out and low. Soldiers standing and sitting among equipment watch the helicopter land. Lugging gear, men run to the helicopter. They load equipment onboard, then climb in. A shirtless man standing by the door helps. Buffeted by the downdraft locals smile. The helicopter takes off and flies over the group of locals.

Soldiers unload equipment from a helicopter and carry it away. Wearing gear on their backs, soldiers file along a wooden walkway. Holding guns, soldiers push through thick jungle and wade through waist-high plants.

The footage repeats from the start.]

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