A soldier and a poet

Name: Francis Lundie
Date: 1917-1944
Location: Middle East, Papua New Guinea, Borneo

Frank Lundie was born in Port Adelaide on 21 August 1899, although he didn't think that the authorities needed to know that. At 17, he added 3 years to his age so he could enlist and serve in World War I in the Middle East. At 43 he subtracted 4 years from his age so he could enlist and serve in World War II in Papua New Guinea and Borneo.

During World War II Frank began to write poetry about his experiences. Below is an example of his work.

To the Stalwarts of World War I

Time has not yet stayed your marching feet,
Tho' years have come and gone;
Swinging steadily down the street
Your thinning ranks move on.
You leave the plough, the axe, the pen,
These things are laid aside,
Down through the years you march again
With phantom feet beside.

Brave memories marching hand in hand,
The years between grow dim,
From Flanders' field and desert sand,
Your memory calls to him;
From frowning Anzac height and bay,
From out the ageless past,
He comes to you in bright array
Before the shrine, at last.

His questioning eyes are asking this;
Have you done as he would do?
Have you carried on as he would wish?
Have you been loyal and true?
Then you can hold your head up high
And meet him without shame.
Or face him squarely eye to eye
And know you've played the game.


The material for this article was supplied by Albert Lundie of Queensland
8/07/2002 3:04:50 PM

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