Colin Elliott's story

Col Elliott is perhaps more well-known for comedy and music, but this iconic Australian entertainer also served in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) for 12 years.

Col was born on 29 July 1949 in Kent, United Kingdom, and later lived in Dandenong, Victoria. At 16, he joined the Navy and went on to serve in the Vietnam War.

The RAN played a significant role in the Vietnam War, supporting and transporting combat units. Col served on HMAS Hobart. Attached to the US Seventh Fleet, the ship served on the gunline, providing naval fire support to ground forces.

During the war, Hobart was awarded a US Navy Unit Commendation for 'exceptionally meritorious service.' Col was proud of their work, but the memory of the loss of lives in Vietnam has never left him.

After leaving the Navy, Col moved back to Melbourne, stumbling into showbusiness in 1973. Col has continued to entertain for more than 40 years, doing stand-up comedy and television shows. He also wrote a book called ‘In between the laughter' sharing his life story.

Last updated: 20 January 2023

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