Map of F Force camps

A map of a Thailand showing a railway line through several towns
After marching around 300 kilometres from Ban Pong to up-country Thailand in early May, the Australians and British prisoners of F force were ultimately spread across at least six camps progressing toward the Burma border: Konkoita (no. 4 camp), Shimo (Lower) Ni Thea (Nieke), Shimo (Lower) Songkurai (no. 1), Songkurai (no. 2), Kami (Upper) Songkurai (no. 3) and Changaraya (no. 5). Some Australian prisoners, under Lieutenant-Colonel S.A.F. Pond, were separated from the main F Force and moved across various camps, including Taimonta and Tha Khanun. [Map source: ©2014 Google]

Detailed description of the F Force camps map

This is a map of north-western Thailand with the Burma (Myanmar) border down the western side of the map. The Burma-Thailand railway and Highway 323 run from above Three Pagodas Pass in the Tenasserim Hills in the upper north-western corner of the map down to the south-eastern corner, encompassing the valley of the Kwae Noi, including the Khao Laem National Park and the waters of the Vachiralongkorn dam which, built during the 1980s, flooded much of the valley. Kinsaiyok and Kanchanaburi are marked as just below the foot of the map.

The camp locations are marked down the railway, from north to south. In the north, the railway is shown to run largely along the same route as Highway 323. Changaraya (located just inside the present border of Myanmar), Kami Songkurai, Songkurai and Shimo Songkurai are located on the railway between Three Pagodas Pass and Sangkhla Buri and the Ranti Bridge. At Shimo Songkurai, at the top of the dam waters, Highway 323 diverges east of the railway to bypass the flooded valley while Sangkhla Buri is marked further west of the railway. The camps of Ni Thea, Shimo Ni Thea, Taimonta, Konkoita and Kriankri are marked next to the railway from the Ranti Bridge to the Dam Wall. While the railway and highway converge again for a short distance past Shimo Ni Thea, they diverge again above Taimonta with the railway passing for some 60 kilometres through the now flooded valley south down to the Dam Wall. In the lower third of the map below the Dam Wall, Tha Khanun, Brankasi and Hindat are shown, with the railway now closely following the path of the Kwae Noi on its eastern side—with the highway converging again just below Tha Khanun.

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