Diane Melloy - AWL

Running time
1 min 22 sec
Date made

Department of Veterans' Affairs


He dared. He dared. He stretched himself and the war had ended and his job, with some of the other armourer sergeants was to account for all the arms of the battalion and then they had to be returned or disarmed or whatever the thing was.

And so one day Jack Gaukroger from Inverell and Bob Melloy from Brisbane gathered together, somehow, a set of leave passes and endorsed them with their own names and they took off, they got on the train and ended up in Germany and they had a marvellous time and every time the Military Police came along 'What are you doing here boys?'

'Oh Sir, we've been assigned to look after two chaps who have, you know, they've absconded, and we've been sent to find them. We haven't had any luck so far but we're working on it, Sir, we're trying our hardest.'

And so, when they went back, they realised they'd have to front up and they might be in severe trouble and the CO was, he was just amazed, amazed, he said 'I wished I'd have had your experience.'

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