Diane Melloy - Bob's near escape

Running time
58 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


You often hear that young men, especially brothers, they enlisted together, they wanted to serve together, they wanted to take care of one another but it's so, it's random.

They could be standing beside one another and one would be blown to pieces and the other one would survive and what a horrible thing for not only the survivor but for the parents realising that that was the sort of thing that could happen and Bob had an experience, not with a brother but three of them were at the battle of the Seine and they'd been called to get out of there and move away to a safer area and Bob and one chap, they rushed back to the shell hole, to the bunker, and the third one he had his eyes shot out.

He was blown up and his eyes were shot out and he died the next day.

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