Diane Melloy - Post-war RSL

Running time
1 min 21 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Unlike many returned men he would speak about it. I don't know, I can't know that he would speak to everyone about it, certainly other returned men, I know he did because he was very active in Nambour after World War One when he lived there.

He was honorary secretary of the RSL and I know that the diggers then, once again they were a coterie of men, they were comrades, they had the same, similar experiences but I asked Bob.

I think it's a flow on from my grandfather, we always had a wonderful, and I still have a copy of it, and my mother has the original, a large photograph of my grandfather in his Boer War uniform and it was always prominently on our wall as many families have that and my father also.

So, to have this ready source of history when that was my great love, history, right beside me as my husband, what an opportunity. It would have been a frightful waste if I hadn't asked him, and I did, and he told me.

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