Raymond Deed and Dudley Goodwin - The boy on the bridge

Running time
1 min 16 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


When we got pushed back by the Chinese over the 38th parallel we were dug in on the southern bank of the stream to protect the bridge while the American demolition team was placing charges underneath to blow the bridge up. On the northern side there was a dirt road coming down to the bridge with a bend onto the bridge just before the road connected with the bridge.

As I said we were in concealed positions and the next thing we saw was a little boy about ten years old. Ragged clothes carrying nothing walking down towards the bridge. It was pretty obvious that his parents had been killed. There was nothing we could do.

As he got on the bridge we were counting his steps and right in the middle up the explosion went, threw him into the air and down into the water. As I said there was nothing we could do. We couldn't reveal our positions or anything.

I did hear later that he wasn't killed, that he was fished out of the water by the American engineers and that he survived. That memory stays with me to this day.

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