Raymond Deed and Dudley Goodwin - The heart-breaking sight of refugees

Running time
1 min 14 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


There's one other point I'd like to raise and that is the plight of the refugees after the Chinese entered the war. They used to tear your guts out for wont of a better expression. To see people with all their possessions, ages ranging from the elderly down to babies and even some of them born en route carrying everything they owned, snow up to two feet deep in some places and these people were all heading south. I did not see one heading north and that I think tells a story of itself.

There was nothing we could do to help them, just watch the tragedy unfolding. It used to tear us apart and this went on, these people walked for days and days and nights and that's another thing that stays in my memory. Tragically I was to witness similar conditions, except the weather, different weather, in Vietnam about twenty years later. That is another sad sight in war.

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