Raymond Deed and Dudley Goodwin - Empathy for enemy POWs

Running time
1 min 25 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well, our…Well it was minor in comparison to some of the forward companies. I did have a Chinese prisoner there. Age I estimated to be probably in his thirties. He had on him a photo of his wife and three little kids. Up until that time I had looked upon the enemy something just a figure to be eliminated but when he showed me that photo, it was a different perspective of the enemy, him in particular, anyway.

I thought 'He's a human being just like me trying to do his job for his country as I was for mine'. He was later herded off to a prisoner of war camp and I can only hope he made it back to China to his wife and kids. I often think about that and see his face to this day.

That's one aspect. We had quite a number of prisoners at Kapyong. None of them made any attempt to escape. As a matter of fact they helped to carry our wounded out and even some of them were carrying our weapons out. They acted as if they were happy to be taken prisoner.

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