Stanley Starcevich, John Hickman and Walter Perkins - Effectiveness of enemy artillery

Running time
1 min 1 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Stanley Starcevich: The artillery, like, it was pretty hard to dodge it. You'd dig a hole as quick as you could but when we took a lot of those hills the Chinese already had good bunkers and core trenches and stuff like that, communication trenches.

Some were covered bunkers and all that but they mostly on the south side because they were facing us there and when we got around the forward slopes they had core trenches and little pits around there.

They weren't quite as good but, yeah, they organised their artillery quite well. It was all set up by then because it was getting pretty static so they had all the artillery and mortars.

John Hickman: The mortars were worst.

Stanley Starcevich: Well they had a better chance of dropping into your trench because they came virtually straight down. The artillery wasn't a lot of fun either.

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