Stanley Starcevich, John Hickman and Walter Perkins - Propaganda leaflet drop

Running time
1 min 9 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


There was a lot of good memories from mates of mine and there's some of the funny things that happened, some really funny things. Some of the scariest things that happened to me, like one night this plane was coming over and it dropped something and all the boys were singing out 'What was that? What was that?' and I said 'I don't know but keep your head down 'because it came fluttering down, this thing, and I thought 'Oh geez it might be a delayed action bomb or something'.

Anyway next morning I sneaked down the hill to check it out and there was a bundle of these dodgers that they used to drop to tell the Chinese to surrender, like surrender leaflets. Our blokes had dropped it on us instead of the Chinese. That was pretty funny. To go back again and see how well it is. I went back there last year, to see how well the South has gone compared to the North, it's just, like it makes it all worthwhile. It makes you feel better.

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