Stanley Starcevich, John Hickman and Walter Perkins - Enlistment

Running time
1 min 7 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


A bit similar to Wally there. We had drought after the war or just toward the end of the war there'd been a drought over in the Mallee in Western Australia from where I come from and most of the sheep had died off and stuff like that. There wasn't much work around and a group came around looking for volunteers, see if you join the army and this was in 1950 and they wanted somebody to join the K-Force, I think we were K-Force.

Anyway, I signed up and went down to Karrakatta and they told me there that I couldn't join K Force because I was underage. I was nineteen at the time and I had to be at least twenty or an ex, like a returned servicemen. So they said you 'll have to sign on for the regular army, so I signed up for six years and like Wally I went across to Puckapunyal and up to Korea in May 51.

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