Valarie Trevithick - Childhood frugality

Running time
1 min 15 sec
Date made

Department of Veterans' Affairs


Those days he was put on to what they called a service pension not to be confused with a TPI pension which was so much generous. It was just like an invalid pension and, yes, they did extremely well to give us the opportunities and everything.

We never went short and we all had the opportunity to learn piano and, you know, doctors, we weren't short whited, in that respect, in terms of going to the hospital for outpatients or something.

If we had a medical problem my parents paid out for us to see doctors and dentists and so forth. So, everything that was important was handled, it was just meant that there was no such thing as pocket money or the like and I can honestly say, back in those days, when most children went Saturday afternoons to the local picture show, as we called it, the cinema, to see the matinee programs there was never any twelve month period when we got to the pictures twice because there simply was not the money there to go.

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