Valarie Trevithick - Shrapnel removed

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1 min
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


In the early 40s apparently around about 1942 or thereabouts, the local GP, Doctor Courtham removed a piece of shrapnel out of his neck, this lump had come up, so that had been there for about twenty-five years, I don't know if there were any other pieces there but certainly that piece was removed.

No he didn't suffer any, draw any pension, to all intents and purposes he just simply got on with life.

He didn't really talk a lot about the war service at all and if something came up it tended to be of a humorous nature, like something funny that happened that, you know, that they could laugh about rather than the blood and guts of the situation which was really ghastly there's no two ways about it.

So, no, he never marched. He belonged to both Auburn and Granville RSL clubs but never went near them, mainly because he was busy as I said.

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