Valarie Trevithick - Wounded in France

Running time
1 min 38 sec
Date made

Department of Veterans' Affairs


He never really talked that much about his war service.

He didn't go to Gallipoli. He was in Egypt and then he went to France and he was in the same slit trench as his commanding officer, Crowshaw, Colonel Crowshaw, when that blast, which killed Crowshaw and a couple of the others and he was in the trench and the blast peppered him through the chest area and the neck, the face and up and that's when he was taken back to England.

He was sent back home and discharged medically unfit. Being a very independent person, he's really the person you need to hear about, he got a letter to go to Auburn post office which he did and found that they were going to pay him a pension and he told them in no uncertain terms what they could do with their pension and walked out and reenlisted a month later but that was about August, I think, of 1918 and he wasn't actually, he hadn't been sent abroad when, armistice, the war ended but he had actually reenlisted rather than, sort of, accept the fact that he'd been pensioned off, so to speak.

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