Map of the Hellfire Pass area

A map of a railway line in the Hintok mountain

The construction of the Burma-Thailand railway in the vicinity of Hellfire Pass (Konyu Cutting) required many thousands of workers. The camps in which Australians were housed, together with other POWs, had various names with the prefix Konyu or Hintok (often spelled in various ways). Two of the major camps, Konyu River and Hintok River were on the banks of the Kwae Noi. The other camps were positioned along the only road heading north to the Burma-Thailand border (now Highway 323). Most camps were within walking distance of the railway, though the walk along jungle tracks was long, steep and treacherous, particularly during the monsoon. [Map contours source: ©2013 Google, Map data ©2013 Tele Atlas]

Detailed description of Hintok–Konyu camps map

This is a map of the Hintok–Konyu camps, in the period of the construction of the Burma-Thailand railway in the vicinity of Hellfire Pass (Konyu Cutting) showing the path of the railway, the topography, and the locations of the camps, cuttings, embankments and bridges.

Highway 323 stretches diagonally from north-west to south-east across the map generally following the path of the old road which existed during the construction of the railway. Hintok Mountain camp was located on the road in the north. Located near the road further south-east, were Malay Hamlet camp, and the Konyu road camps — Konyu 3 and then Konyu 1. From the site of Konyu 1 the highway stretches a further 80km to Kanchanaburi.

Some kilometres west of Konyu 3 on the other side of the railway, the Hintok River camp was located on the banks the Kwae Noi. Further down the river which snakes west to south-east across the map, was the Konyu River camp.

Located between the river and road, the railway followed the contours of the escarpment. Just east of the Hintok River camp Compressor Cutting is located between two embankments. Near the end of the second embankment is the site of Pack of Cards Bridge. A little further along, as the railway curved around to the north-east was the site of Hintok Station. Hintok Cutting, Three Tier Bridge then 7-metre Embankment are located at the point where the line curved back toward the south-east. Running parallel to the road (now Highway 323), the railway then wound its way south-east through Hammer and Tap Cutting, Trestle Bridges and Hellfire Pass (Konyu Cutting).

Most camps were within walking distance of the railway. Hellfire Pass is a short distance west from the site of Konyu 3 and the road. Foot tracks ran down from Hintok Mountain to the railway and the Hintok River camp. Near the Hintok Mountain camp ladders had to be used to traverse the escarpment. South of the Hintok Mountain camp 'The Hill' Road track ran down from the main road to the railway at 7-metre Embankment near Three Tier Bridge.

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