The Australian Prisoners' Accounts

Experiences as prisoners of the Japanese

Tom Uren

Tom Uren speaks here of his mate, Bill Halliday, on the Burma-Thailand railway, and how mateship changed them both.

Ray Parkin

Ray Parkin speaks about how, through his drawing and painting, he could share the beauty of nature with other prisoners in the jungles of Thailand.

Doctor Rowley Richards

Dr Rowley Richards remembers how some prisoners, while being cared for by their mates, would often appear to recover, but then seem to lose the will to live.

George 'Bert' Beecham

Bert Beecham talks about the terrible treatment of the POWs by the Japanese on the Burma-Thailand railway and the awful conditions of the camp.

Bill Coventry

Bill Coventry describes the Australian prisoners' experience of learning to cook rice, which was the main food supplied by the Japanese.

Pat Darling

Pat Darling recalls her experience of the plane that came to release them from their prison camp and take them home after the war had ended.

Last updated: 19 February 2020

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