Glossary of terms

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a waterproof material made by cementing layers of cloth with rubber


the authority to carry out a particular policy or task as a result of winning an election or vote


a military training exercise that involves the movement of soldiers and equipment over a large area


comradeship of friends, usually male, viewed as an institution


trying to settle an argument between 2 groups by talking to them both and finding things that they can both agree to


a doctor who works with the armed forces, as part of a medical corps

mention in despatches

an official report by a superior officer naming a person in recognition of their bravery or distinguished service

merchant ship

a ship that is part of a country's commercial shipping fleet, involved in transporting goods or carrying passengers; also known as a 'merchantman'


describes a person with a very strong belief who tries to bring about political or social change, often in extreme ways that others find unacceptable

military junta

a government led by a committee of military leaders

military observer

a military official deployed as part of a peacekeeping force to provide support to a coordinated mission or peace operation


a group that operates like an army but whose members are not professional soldiers


a bomb hidden in the ground or in water that explodes when something touches it


a warship or aircraft designed for the carrying and laying of mines


to prepare a military forces for a conflict; mobilisation (noun)

Morse code

a telegraph code used for sending messages


the technique of using small arms

mustard gas

a chemical weapon used during World War I that caused blistering, sore eyes and internal injuries

muzzle velocity

the speed of a projectile as it leaves a gun's muzzle