Don Spinks - Dust on your boots

Running time
1 min 8 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I was certainly well aware of the Vietnam conflict. We had a fellow from my hometown who was killed in Vietnam and we were a very small country town, about 1500 people. So I think we were aware and ABC radio and black and white TV was our source of awareness.

So it was certainly well and truly in the press. But again, it goes back to that. I think until you actually get dust on your boots, you don't know. You can read, you can watch all the movies, you can talk to people, but until you actually get on the ground yourself, or you actually go through the experience, you can't do that to gain full understanding, and people react differently and it affects them differently.

I certainly know bravado, but it didn't stop me from enlisting, and I think we all want to test ourselves and we all want to challenge ourselves and certainly nearly 40 years in army did that for me, and I certainly wouldn't change a thing,

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