Don Spinks - A little bit of excitement

Running time
1 min 10 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I think it's the same for everybody. There's a bit of excitement, there's the unknown, but you're flying into a secure base mostly, and of course on the fringes, those landings and take-offs, I think it's more exciting taking off in a C-17 when it tips on one wing and scoots away. But I think there's definitely threat levels and the air crew operate the aircraft according to those threat levels, are still pretty exciting.

I don't think there was too many times where I was really worried about any outcome about not getting on the ground or not getting off the ground. But again, it was always exciting, always a bit of adrenaline coming in and going out. Helicopter different out in the outpost because you're mostly over area that's not necessarily controlled by you coming into those bases, but I always enjoyed that little bit of excitement, whether it be a bounce on landing or just going out and catching up with the troops.

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