Don Spinks - Troop morale

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1 min 19 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Rarely come across a negative individual or a negative comment. Two groups, there were those that stayed inside the wire and then there were the combat forces that were outside. Now, of course, the combat service support also ventured out of the wire, but really very austere out in the outposts, not so austere and a lot more services and support available in the main bases.

And that doesn't mean it was all beer and skittles either because the troops that were working inside the main bases had long shifts in the operation centres or doing their role. So I don't think it was an easy day for anyone, just different threat levels faced by different groups, and certainly up in Kabul, which we visited a bit as well, there was a constant threat of improvised explosive devices or rocket attacks.

So, it was really just engagement, liaison, but I'd say on average the troop morale was always high. They always loved the work, loved being busy, but challenging in different ways.

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