Gary Oakley - Basic sleeping arrangements

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


when we had the squaddies on board, we couldn't live in the messes because they got all the messes so we had to sleep in the hangar because Sydney was an old Majestic aircraft carrier from the Second World War and she did a lot of service in Korea.

So we would sleep in the hangars, and they just put up like a metal scaffolding framework and we were sleeping in hammocks, so you’d sleep in your hammock in this sort of scaffolding. Or if you were lucky, they actually brought fold up, these fold up beds on wheels.

They were good until they realized when they got a bit of a roll up in rough weather, you were sliding backwards and forwards and you had to saw the wheels off them. But the shitty thing about being in the hangar was the fumes from the funnel would get sucked down through the. lift wells and through the hangar so you were tasting sulphur all the time.

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