Gary Oakley - Instructors and educators

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


There were some really good ones. There were some right bastards too, you know, because it's a power trip. You got 100 bloody people that you can boss around and I ran into some of them later on. And I actually was a higher rank then because they'd been busted back. And I went, you know, "I remember you when you were a right bastard. Look at you now ".

But the majority of them were there because they were good at what they did. They were good trainers. They were usually blokes who are a little bit older than most. They'd been around the world and seen a fair bit and it was also a place for them to basically relax in a sense.

So, they were more about telling you how things work, I mean, yeah, on the playground, you're getting screamed at, the PT guys were screaming at you and, you know, military training. But a lot of the other instructors, I mean, you know, we did geography and things like that. So, they were Navy but they were schoolies.

They were in the defence force because they were educators. So, they weren't really there to be bastards to you. They were there to educate. And that's the thing, too, they wanted educated ships. Ships had to have firefighting, and damage control, and nuclear, biological, chemical, chemical defence stuff. They wanted you to learn what you needed to learn it. So they didn't go out of their road to really make life miserable for you. It was a learning curve.

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