Gary Oakley - Target practice

Running time
1 min 12 sec
Date made
Place made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I don't understand how some of these soldiers would have done it too, because some of them flew in Qantas, they flew in a Qantas aircraft and flew out in a Qantas aircraft, you know, you're going to war and you're flying in a Qantas airplane, and you get out the airstrip and off you go to wherever you're supposed to be barracked.

They were always doing classes and we were always doing a lot of shoots. In those days you used to get, I think they were five-gallon milk cans, canisters. So, we used to save them all up. I can remember sitting there for hours blowing balloons up.

And then what we would do is, we go from the quarterdeck, the offices where the quarter deck was, which is under the back end of the flight deck, we would be there, all of us little bloody junior recruits, ordinary seaman, and we'd be throwing over balloons and these milk cans while the soldiers are up on the flight deck above us. Target practice. We were doing all that kind of stuff. They were doing their general military duty stuff, but no one had really told them what it was gonna be like at the other end.

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