Les Hall - Flamethrower

Running time
2 min 53 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


When I was doing the job with the flame I had, the infantry sergeant had dug a hole into the top of the bunker and made me swear that I wouldn't get up and burn them out. We both knew that there was a sniper on the right flank even if he, when he finished getting through, slipped and made a mistake of standing upright and got hit in the chest even though he was wearing armour.

The bullet penetrated his chest and he was carried out on a stretcher so I took over after him and went up, dropped down on to the ground and lay over and fired a burst of flame down the hole but unfortunately he had dug at a bit of an angle whereas it required that I had to do another shot so I went back into my, went into the safe trench and told the people there that I would have to go up again, which I did do, got up and I went down and thought I would fool the sniper by shifting my position while out of sight, doing the job by flaming down, getting the flame down where it should have went and on getting up to my feet again to get out of it suddenly the lights went out and I came to some minutes later laying in the safe trench.

My sergeant being very concerned and wondering whether I'd got hit as there was no blood but soreness and swelling on the side of the head and on retrieving my slouch hat it was noted that there was a scorch mark down the side of the hat from nothing, tapering out with the bullet and tapering away to nothing at the other end which indicated that the bullet virtually bounced off but flattened me on the way through but apart from that I was not injured.

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