Les Hall - Orderly room burns down

Running time
2 min 14 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


By this time, I'm company signalmen so therefore I was established in the headquarters section and we were out on rest. Out of the line on rest, like, sort of thing. We were in marquees instead of underground and I had a stretcher, I had a nice stretcher, a fold up one but I unfold it and it was a very nice comfortable bed and I had my sleeping bag and I used to sleep in my underclothes but, and I had it practised, I had my set beside me so that if anything happened I could just grab the set, swing it out and unplug it by the swing and dive out under the tent.

Lo and behold one night the chuffer or the heating system that we had decided to blow up and it blew up and burnt the orderly room down with everybody's pay books in there but I got out and got underneath and went up to my sergeant-major and banged on his tent and he come out of his tent and he said to me 'What are you doing standing there in your underclothes with a 38 set in your hand? Don't tell me.' And I had to inform him that the orderly room was burning. Yes, it was quite a bit hilarious.

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