Les Hall - 'frightfully cold'

Running time
1 min 14 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Oh, in Korea it was frightfully cold. I don't think Japan was even as cold as Korea. Korea had a wind factor. It would come down from Manchuria and all that up there and, I think, even the hills that were stripped by bombardments and that sort of thing, stripped of foliage, helped make it colder and in one incident we shifted camp and we had to dig a rubbish hole for the mess, for the cookhouse and so forth, and we had to pour petrol on the ground and light it before we could start digging and then when we'd dig down about an inch or two inches we'd pour more petrol in it, light it and then start digging again and we found that the ice went down, penetrated down to anything up to two feet, so that's how cold the ground was.

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