Music for Remembrance Day or a commemorative event


Music is an important part of a commemorative ceremony or service. Music can create strong feelings and memories. You can play this music on Anzac Day, Remembrance Day and other important days. We do this to recognise and remember the service and sacrifice of our veterans and serving personnel.

Music to play at commemorations

If you can't find a band or musician to perform at your event, it's fine to play music through an audio-visual (AV) media system or speakers.

If you need help to plan an event, see our suggested order of service.

You can download this information about music as part of our kitbags:

Spotify playlists

We’ve created 3 playlists on the Spotify music streaming service to help you commemorate – 2 for Anzac Day and another for Remembrance Day

Anzac Day Commemorative Service

Anzac Day Commemorative Service

Anzac Day Dawn Service

Remembrance Day Service

Music suitable for a public announcement or service, where The Last Post and The Rouse are played.

  • O Valiant Hearts
  • Abide with Me
  • O God Our Help in Ages Past
  • In Flanders Fields
  • Ode of Remembrance
  • The Last Post
  • Silence 1 minute
  • The Rouse
  • Advance Australia Fair

Listen to the Remembrance Day Service playlist.

Audio files to download

You can use these audio files at a commemorative event, such as Anzac Day or Remembrance Day.

Play or download the mp3 files, courtesy of the Band of the Royal Military College.

Bugle calls

The Last Post

The Last Post is a bugle call played before the period of silence at a commemorative service.

The Last Post mp3 1.1MB (1 minute 32 seconds)

The Rouse

The Rouse is a bugle call that is played after the period of silence at a ceremony other than a dawn service. During The Rouse, the flags are slowly raised to the masthead.

Historically, The Rouse was played after Reveille to get soldiers out of their beds. The use of The Rouse in a ceremony implies hope for a day when the living and the dead will rise together.

The Rouse mp3 383KB (31 seconds)


At a dawn service on Anzac Day, Reveille is played on a bugle or trumpet and signals the end of the period of silence. During the bugle being played, the flags are slowly raised to the masthead.

Historically, Reveille was played to wake up sleeping soldiers on the battlefield. Today, Reveille is played as the first call of the day in army barracks.

Reveille mp3 961KB (1 minute 1 second)


O Valiant Hearts

A hymn of remembrance inspired by a poem published after World War I to commemorate those who died.

O Valiant Hearts - 3 verses mp3 2.3MB (2 minutes 51 seconds)

Abide with Me

A hymn that asks for God to remain by your side throughout life and death.

Abide with Me - 4 verses mp3 2.6MB (2 minutes 37 seconds)

Our God, Our Help in Ages Past

A hymn that asks God for protection during life and after death.

O God, Our Help in Ages Past - 3 verses mp3 1.3MB (1 minute 47 seconds)

National anthems

When the Australian National Anthem is played in conjunction with the national anthem of a foreign country, the foreign country’s national anthem is always played first.

Australian National Anthem

Advance Australia Fair - 2021 version mp3 876MB (56 seconds)

You can download the lyrics for the anthem as part of our kitbags:

New Zealand National Anthem

God Defend New Zealand - 1st verse only mp3 1.3MB (55 seconds)

God Defend New Zealand - both verses mp3 2.3MB (1 minute 39 seconds)

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