Alexander Kerr - Commandeering a Mayor's car

Running time
2 min 14 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


So we went to the nearest liberated, liberated, not for them, where there was a father and his wife and two daughters and we told him in no uncertain terms there were three things we wanted.

One, was a hot bath. Two, was a decent feed of bacon and eggs and three was a nice sleep in a bed between white sheets. Those three things we hadn't seen for about four years. He gladly complied and next morning after he'd this nice sleep we got up and went out.

We had a plan and we were looking for transport going to the front again and we saw this white truck come down, racing down, passing troops and we tried to wave it down and fortunately it stopped and we realised, again our luck, we realised that it was brigade headquarters and there was a young brigadier in there who had just come from a divisional conference and when we told him what we wanted he said 'Oh hop in and come with me.'

We sped off and rapidly got to the frontline and we wanted to get to a village that had just been overrun by the troops and the Brigadier pointed out 'We've just overrun this one so you can get out here boys.'

So we got out. I asked the first German I saw where the Mayor's house was and he pointed it out to me.

So Herbie and I went up and knocked on the door and I said to the Mayor, 'Do you have a car?' and he said 'Yes I do.' And I said, 'Well we're commandeering it for military purposes. Give me the key.' So he gave me the key and off we went.

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