Alexander Kerr - I just had great luck

Running time
1 min 50 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well the Germans whisked me into an ambulance and drove me to the nearest prisoner of war hospital. It turned out to be a hospital solely for French prisoners of war. No one spoke any English.

I was lucky because I'd learnt French at modern school so I wasn't behind the eight ball but anyway they took me there and almost immediately I was lying on the operating table while the chief surgeon from there operated on me.

I was six months in this French hospital but there again I was lucky because the chief surgeon in this hospital was a Frenchman. He was Rene Siemens (?) who was before the war, professor of surgery at Strasbourg University and a man of renown in Europe. He was a very skilled surgeon and so I was lucky to be taken to the place that he was being held a prisoner so some of the other doctors there figured that it was his skill that saved my life.

So I was lucky again. There are so many occasions on which I just had great luck, but I find it hard to credit.

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