Alexander Kerr - Driving to Brussels

Running time
1 min 52 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Our plan was to drive to Paris, sell the car and have a great time with the proceeds.

However by the time we'd got to Brussels we were not very well. We had dysentery, nausea. I think it was due to all the rich foods we had been eating for the last weeks or so as we were driving this Opel down towards Brussels.

Anyhow we, at that stage, we had to hole up in an American hospital for about four days to recover and we grew cold on the idea of going to Paris and home was looking better every minute so we said, well look, we'll go and see if we can find the air transport officer and get back to England pretty quickly.

Well we did find him, a young flight lieutenant but he said 'Look, sorry boys, it'll be weeks before you can get back. I've got a list this long of people who are to go back and they're urgent.'

So I drew him over to one side and we had a very serious talk and then about half an hour later Herbie and I mounted a Lancaster and took off straight away for England and as we got in and waved to the young flight lieutenant he dangled the keys and put them in his pocket with a big smile.

So that's what happened to our painting the town red in Paris.

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