Alexander Kerr - VE Day in Brighton

Running time
1 min 19 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Herbie and I were in hospital recovering but on VE Day we hopped out of our hospital bed and we went down.

This was in Brighton and our hospital was on the main street of Brighton and we went down there with all the nurses and we were dancing in the street and that was VE Day for us.

My objective was to stay in England as long as I could because I was being supported by the air force and also I went to London University to sit an exam in economics.

So, I stayed there for, I guess, about six months. I went to Oxford, to a special course there and I went to London to sit some exams and I went up to Scotland. I spent a lot of time travelling around there until in the end I got a letter from the air force saying if you're not on the next boat you can pay for it yourself. So, I was on the next boat.

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