Bugles - Last Post - Here they come—A day to remember

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Department of Veterans' Affairs

This video focuses on the bugle. Bugles are musical instruments that were played during battles to send instructions to soldiers. A tune called The Last Post marked the end of the day when the soldiers were resting. At a commemorative service, hearing this tune reminds us that those who died are now at peace. The video is part of a series developed to support our Here They Come—A Day to Remember picture book and animated video, designed for lower primary school students. 



Have you ever tried to play one of these?
This is a musical instrument called a bugle.
Bugles were used during war.
They were very loud so they could be heard for long distances.
Different tunes gave different instructions to soldiers during battle.

The last post is a tune played after the duty soldier had checked everyone was resting.
It was played to mark the end of the day.
In our story we saw a person playing a tune called the last post on a bugle.
The last post reminds us that those who died are at peace.
It is played before those at a commemoration have a minute of silence.

I wonder if this is hard to play.
Shall I have a go?
[Attempting to play bugle]
That's a lot harder than I thought.
But I have someone here who can help me.
Hello John.
Hello Warren.
John how long have you been playing the bugle for?
I started playing when I was nine years old.
And that's 58 years ago.
And I play it at Anzac Day ceremonies to commemorate those who fought and died in wars.
Would you like me to show you?
Oh, I would love it if you would.

[Last post played on bugle]

Well he is a lot better at it than me.
I wonder if you would like to learn how to play the bugle one day?
What a special honour.

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