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Department of Veterans' Affairs

This video is part of a series of videos developed for the Here they come—A day to remember publication. It focuses on Honour Rolls.

Here they come—A day to remember has been developed for lower primary students to assist in developing students— understanding of commemoration. It explores a variety of characters and their perspectives on Anzac Day. Balancing fictional characters, stylised illustrations and photographs, the publication shows students that Anzac Day is significant to many Australians, is an important part of Australian community life, and is a respectful event containing commemorative traditions and symbols. The publication is supported by education materials that align to the Australian Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences.



Have you ever seen boards like these ones?
These old wooden boards are called Honour Rolls.
But these Honour Rolls are different to the ones you see in schools that record school captains and prefects.
These ones have names of people from a school or a community who served during war.
Many will mark the names of those who died with a cross.
And some only include the names of the dead from a particular area.

An Honour Roll like this one is made by a community to honour and remember.
Honour Rolls list the names of people in the local community who served during war.
Often there are several names from the one family.
Many of them would have known each other as friends, just like your friends sitting next to you now.
These Honour Rolls are in my local community hall.

Did you see it in the film?

Yes that's right, it was behind Bert and Stan.
Australian's like Bert and Stan went to war for many reasons.
Some out of loyalty to their country.
Some because their family and friends expected them to.
And others because they thought it would better their lives.
Whatever the reason they had to be brave.
And often the reality of war was very different to what they expected.

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