Wreaths - Here they come—A day to remember

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Department of Veterans' Affairs

This video is part of a series of videos developed for the Here they come—A day to remember publication. It focuses on wreaths.

Here they come—A day to remember has been developed for lower primary students to assist in developing students— understanding of commemoration. It explores a variety of characters and their perspectives on Anzac Day. Balancing fictional characters, stylised illustrations and photographs, the publication shows students that Anzac Day is significant to many Australians, is an important part of Australian community life, and is a respectful event containing commemorative traditions and symbols. The publication is supported by education materials that align to the Australian Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences.


Flowers that are woven into shapes like circles are called wreaths.
The word wreath means to twist.
The flowers are twisted into a shape, just like this one I have here.

In our story Roslyn lays a wreath at the memorial.
Since ancient times wreaths have been used to help us owner those who died in war.
On Anzac Day we bring wreaths to lay at memorials.
They help us remember those who gave their lives.

A wreath is held in 2 hands and is gently laid as a symbol of commemoration.
And that means to honour and remember.
Who do you think Roslyn was thinking about when she laid her wreath?
Yes, I think she was thinking about her dad too.

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