Rosemary - Here they come—A day to remember

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Department of Veterans' Affairs

This video focuses on the herb rosemary. Rosemary grows wild on Gallipoli in Türkiye. Many Australian soldiers died there during World War I. This symbolic herb is often worn on Anzac Day to help us remember Australians who served and died in wars. The video is part of a series developed to support our Here They Come—A Day to Remember picture book and animated video, designed for lower primary school students.


When I smell this herb I always think of Anzac Day.
This is called rosemary.
And even though it's small it has a very strong smell.
Sometimes we use it in cooking but on Anzac Day we wear it on our clothes.
Rosemary grows in the wild at Gallipoli and Türkiye.
This is where the Anzacs fought and where many soldiers died.

Rosemary is a symbol of commemoration.
That means to honour and remember.
You might have spotted one person wearing rosemary during Libby's speech.

Traditionally rosemary is meant to help our memory.
So it's a lovely way for us to remember Australians who died serving our country.
Maybe you have rosemary growing in your garden.
Perhaps you might like to pick a little bit and wear it on Anzac Day.

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