Flags - Here they come—A day to remember

Running time
45 secs
Date made
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Department of Veterans' Affairs

This video focuses on flags flown at half-mast. This is a commemorative symbol that means we are remembering someone who has died. On Anzac Day, the Australian flag is lowered for a period of time and raised again during the ceremony as a sign of remembrance. The video is part of a series developed to support our Here They Come—A Day to Remember picture book and animated video, designed for lower primary school students. 



Every country has its own flag.
This is our flag, the Australian flag.
Did anyone see the Australian flag in our story?
There it is behind Libby and the bugler.
The flag has been lowered half way down the pole before the ceremony begins.
This is called at half-mast.
Flags that are flown at half-mast mean that someone has died and we are remembering them.

Libby is remembering Ellie's father and her husband who died.
On Anzac Day the flag is flown at half-mast.
During the playing of a bugle call known as 'the rouse' the flag is raised back to the top of the pole.
I wonder, have you ever seen a flag flying at half-mast?

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