Glen Ferrarotto - Like an air show

Running time
1 min 26 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Afghanistan was like an air show, it was like a live air show all the time, an F-15 came in at pace and it was low enough to be able to see the bomb leave the wing but the bomb exploded just under the wing of the aircraft, so it had a misfire or a malfunction. I remember looking at it and this plane peeled off but there was this puff of white smoke underneath it and it went around and I remember hearing the JTAC, they called the boys who would talk to the fighter pilots, something about, "Go again," or whatever it might've been.

And then the plane came around again and this time, the round was successful, it left the aircraft and then the artillery piece from the Dutch was also firing back at Tarin Kowt. So this time, I was on the receiving... Not the receiving end thankfully but on the other end of that and you know that the round's in the air and you have this moment where you know there's guys on that hill, bad guys and they're about to meet their maker because you know a round's coming from a way and all these things... The intensity's amazing.

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