Glen Ferrarotto - A challenging environment

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2 min 14 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


So there were times where you had to really check yourself and remind yourself that that was exactly the case, you didn't know who was Taliban and who was. We had an acute understanding though that they might be Taliban one day but they might not be the next day. So we knew that the Taliban would pay a father off and threaten the life of his daughter and sons and wife if that father didn't take a gun to the top of a hill and fire rounds on the Australian convoy the next day when they were passing through.

That was a common occurrence and so we were fighting people but there was no clear indication at times as to whether or not they were sworn Taliban fighters. My attitude really changed though when one of our commandos, Luke Worsley was killed and a number of prisoners were taken back as a result of that, a lot of Taliban were killed as well. And our attitude towards these people changed quite drastically after we lost Luke and I became very angry at them but there were guys that we were...

There were moments there where we were in charge of Taliban fighters who looked like my Nonno, an aged Middle Eastern man… But it was such an uncontrolled environment at the time, you just didn't know who was who and it became very confusing. A very challenging environment for our intelligence guys, that's for sure, yeah.

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