Glen Ferrarotto - Improvised explosive devices

Running time
1 min 23 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We were pretty fortunate, we drove over one that we found out about the next day or later that day, that we'd all driven over one. It had detonated on a Dutch convoy and I believe people were killed when it had detonated. So that was a bit of a moment where we thought... A lot of it's just about pure luck. Sometimes it was too cold, so the guys who were supposed to detonate it would go home and have a cup of tea or a meal and come back later when it was warmer.

So a lot of it was down to timing and just bad luck. We didn't lose anybody on that tour to an IED, two vehicles during that tour struck IEDs and were catastrophically damaged but only injuries, no deaths thankfully. The IED threat evolved in later years, became a much more lethal tool for them to use. We were more fortunate and thinking about it, we were very lucky because we weren't traveling around in Bushmasters, we were just getting around in Land Rovers and motorbikes.

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