Glen Ferrarotto - Camp Russell

Running time
1 min 38 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We did some work with the Canadians, CANSOF, they came in for a period of time, they were great. Lots of Dutch. In Camp Russell though, which is where we were, it was very much just an Australian... We didn't really mix with anyone else and even at times, you wouldn't even see big Army for periods of time, particularly when tempo was right up.

So Camp Russell, it's an independent camp to the rest of the Australian Army and the rest of the NATO forces and we'd rarely go down and mix with the other guys. Which I found strange but it's just the nature of Special Operations, right? But what we figured out quickly was that we were getting better supplied than they were. So we'd have cartons of Coke and cartons of Red Bull and Mars bars and all this good stuff coming in all the time, yet the guys down in big Army, they'd rarely get that stuff.

So we'd pretend we were going to go down and help them fix a vehicle or do something or take a part down to the workshops and we'd load the back of the motorbike up with Coke or Red Bull or whatever and take it down there and look after the lads down at the big workshops. And then there was a bit of a different environment down there, they had cafes and there was a little shop at one point. So, Camp Russell was its own little independent area.

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