Glen Ferrarotto - Maximus

Running time
1 min 31 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


The Dutch had this gun there that we used to call Maximus and it was a big self-propelled artillery piece and they used to sound an alarm. So the idea was that they'd sound an alarm before Maximus would fire and that way, you'd be prepared for this explosion that would shrink the walls in. If he was firing over the compound, you could see the walls from the percussion move.

But then they figured out that the bad guys would get a message to wherever the artillery piece was going to land because they'd have people in and around the place listening. So they knew that, well, the gun's about to fire. So what they started doing was changing it up a bit and they'd fire the gun and then they'd sound the alarm.

So sometimes you'd be just completely taken by surprise. And then sometimes, it'd be the middle of the night but I do recall at a point, realizing that the only reason that gun is firing is because either our guys or Allied Forces are in a really shit situation and that artillery piece is firing to kill people. And so there are moments there where you realize pretty quickly that it's no longer training, people are doing a real job.

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