Peter Jensen - Emergency landing

Running time
1 in 41 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We went on our way home and struck this other U-Boat on the surface and Dudley only had one DC, depth charge, only had the one left so he went straight in. He was hoping to hit him unawares, but he didn't.

Anyways, straight into it and we got a shell came through, in fact three shells. One of them went just above the bomb release gear but he kept going over it, pressed the button and the bomb hung up because that shell had put the release gear out of action and we were stuck with this, you know, he pulled at one end. It was still flyable, only just, and so we set off for home, short of fuel, we couldn't get back to base so we landed at the Scilly islands, you know the Scilly islands down [south of] England and he landed there and we refuelled and we took off and flew back to base, and the aircraft was announced unflyable so we got new aircraft, fortunately.

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