Peter Jensen - Post-war friendships

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


Amongst the survivors of the U-Boat was the skipper. It turned out that the U-Boat was U461 and our aircraft was U 461 Squadron which is very unusual and after the war.

I think I did several trips back to Germany and I found the skipper, Wolf Stiebler, and we became good friends. I got friendly with some of the Luftwaffe boys in Germany and the people who flew their flying boats because they were boatmen and I was a boatman, you know, got to know them.

One very friendly bloke, his name was Georg Eckel and he had an Iron Cross, first class, and he was a funny sort of a bloke and I got very friendly with him and I told him about sinking the U-Boat and so on and he was the one who actually looked around and found where Wolf Stiebler was living which was in Munich, in Bavaria not far from where George Eckel lived and Georg Eckel told me and he said 'Why don't you write to him?' and I said 'Okay'.

So, I wrote to him, got a letter back and had a few letters between each other and so I thought I'll go and see him. My wife and I took a trip over and I met him in Munich and became good friends.

He came out to Australia in 1988, spent Christmas with us. I got to know some of the other blokes, too, that were on, who survived from the U-Boat.

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